Indulge in the well-being of your health while not compromising on your taste. Products designed with natural zero-calorie sweet stevia plant.

At Zevic, all our products are plant sweetened and made with only organically grown ingredients. To top it all, these no-sugar products are diet and diabetic friendly.

Desserts that are sinful yet guilt-free

Explore Zevic’s vast range of products that are sinful yet guilt-free and are healthy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle. From teas to chocolates and sweeteners we have it all covered.

Our inspiration

A common observation by our founders was that our near and dear ones and the ones that have a sweet tooth shy away and feel guilty about having sweets. This really needed a solution without having to rely on many chemicals like Aspartame that are common Ingredients in popular sugar substitutes- Also, what's a party like without sweets.

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Why stevia

Since sweets are an integral part of our culture, we need a reason to devour them without worrying about the calories that come with it. Stevia leaves are two hundred times sweeter than refined sugar that will never let you compromise on your sweet cravings.

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