Zevic Chamomile Tea

Contains Chamomile

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Chamomile flowers are known to have healing properties from time immemorial. This relaxing and soothing herb is blended with our premium green tea leaf that ensures the well-being of both mind and body. Chamomile Green Tea consists aromatic chemicals that are enchanted with anti-inflammatory properties, ushering an oasis of tranquility. Its magical golden hue carries a floral fragrance lulling you of all your worries.
Ideal for people who are on a health diet like Keto, Paleo etc., calorie-conscious, fitness enthusiasts, weight watchers and diabetics. It works as a non-caloric sugar substitute in baking, cooking and beverages.

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    Sugar is a master of disguise. The overconsumption of sugar facilitates weight-gain, affects the elasticity of skin, hinders the process of collagen production and leads to several chronic diseases like diabetes.


    Stevia derived from zero-calorie stevia plant is a naturally occurring plant based sweetener and sugar substitute. The active compounds present in Stevia contain nearly 200 times the sweetness of sugar and are heat and pH stable as well as not fermentable.


    Sugar free is a very paradoxical word and use of harsh fillers like dextrose, levatose, lactose, sucralose etc which can cause adverse health complications like glucose intolerance and metabolic disorder.

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