Zevic was born out of the need to find better solutions to eliminate the ill-effects of artificial sweeteners and sugar without compromising on the sweetness. It was launched in India, in 2015. A registered brand of Zero Enthalpy Labs Pvt. Ltd. (ISO 22000:2005). We manufacture Stevia extracts, Steviol Glycoside Powder, Liquid Stevia and Stevia based chocolates using a specialized green technology method designed by the founding team.
Every single product from the Zevic stable comes from processes and units that are entirely US FDA compliant. Additionally, the stevia leaves, mix-in ingredients (coffee beans, nuts, dried oranges, etc.), and imported Belgian Cocoa are also run through several tests before being used in the final product recipes. 


Zevic strives for innovative products and solutions! Sharp focus, positive attitude, creative approach, and smart strategy is what we value and believe in. This helps us maintain our continuous evolution and aspiration to meet new challenges and develop new products. At the same time to become an integral part of every household looking for a healthier way of living, reduce the use of sugar and artificial sweeteners. We take extra care to ensure our customers experience High-quality products for a guilt-free living.



The team consisting of well-educated professionals; engineers and entrepreneurs started off with the discovery of stevia leaves. Followed by discussions with healthcare and fitness experts.

The founding of M/s Zero Enthalpy Labs Pvt. Ltd., and Zevic as its registered brand. Zevic is a core health-oriented brand that seeks to introduce the most naturally derivable healthy products to the Indian markets.

Zevic launches as an Indian company manufacturing Stevia Extracts, Steviol Glycoside Powder and Liquid Stevia among various other health products, using our own green technology designed by our founding team.

Who does not love chocolates? After rising demand for guilt-free chocolates and indulgences, Zevic launches its own Chocolates made with hand-picked stevia. Chocolates that are low in calories and in various flavours

Inspiring and promoting healthy lifestyle choices and sinful yet guilt-free indulgences alongside the goodness and benefits of Stevia across the masses. 

The majority of Indians love sweets, we spread our wings by being available across airports, MT's across metros and more. Encouraging people to indulge in their favourite products without worry!

At Zevic we started taking corporate gifting orders and were elated when we promoted the idea of guilt-free indulgences at Air Asia for Diwali celebrations. Also, we started supplying stevia and other no sugar products to hospitals, hotels etc. 

By now, we have a strong loyalty and are gaining recognition from celebrities from Bollywood. We are glad to be a part of your journey towards living a healthy life! Zevic is perhaps India’s only sugar-free, stevia-based chocolate brand.

Bringing Sugar To India

After a lot of research, Zevic was the first to introduce ‘Stevia’ to India. Alongside, promoting its safety and usefulness. The team being engineers, designed their own green technology and made the production sustainable, and started utilizing Indian farmers for contractual farming. Aiming to be a brand that empowers customers with healthy and tasty substitutes for all our favorite things

The name Zevic was born from "Jaivic" which means organic in Sanskrit. So we  ‘Ze’ from Zero (zero-calorie) combined with ‘Vic’ from jaivic makes it ‘Zevic’. Interestingly, it also sounds like an English version of Jaivic.


Sweets are an integral part of India’s culture and so is Living life king-size, but this comes with its own pros and cons. The advantage is we don’t need a reason to celebrate and sweets being the best part of the celebration. The disadvantage, that India is the diabetic capital of the world and with such a large population, obesity, diabetes come as a side effect. 

A common observation through this was that our near and dear ones, and the ones that have a sweet tooth tend to refrain and feel guilty about having them. This really needed a solution without having to rely on many chemicals like Aspartame that are common Ingredients in popular sugar substitutes- What's a party like without sweets? 

founder's Story

A couple of friends accidentally discovered the concept of a special plant that is nearly 200 times sweeter than sugar and free of side effects - Stevia Rebaudiana. The discovery was inspired by a mere online search for ways to counter diabetes and high blood pressure. On further investigation, research and hours of discussions with several health & fitness experts, these friends understood the promise of Stevia to champion a new change in the way primary healthcare was tackled in our society.


Chocolates and teas that are sinfully sweet and indulging but did we tell you they're absolutely sugar free? Presenting stevia based sugar free chocolates, sweeteners and teas from the house of Zevic! Go ahead and pamper yourself guilt free!


Sugar can be as destructive as it is sweet. It is the reason for many diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions and most significantly obesity. Being healthy is the new motto for young and old, alongside moving towards a ‘no-sugar’ lifestyle. By adding a healthy alternative for sugar to your diets, it will ensure long-term health benefits.