Zevic’s stevia frees you from all the adverse effect of sugar and artificial sweetener

Stevia extracts are a natural zero-calorie sweetener, linked to numerous benefits, including lower blood sugar levels. It is 200 times sweeter than sugar itself which has durable thermal stability, not at all pH-sensitive and can not be fermented. Stevia is loaded with natural antioxidants, vitamins A, B and C, minerals like iron, zinc and calcium,  essential electrolytes and proteins.

Stevia from Zevic is a healthier alternative for sugar and artificial sweetener because it is obtained from Natural Zero Calorie Stevia Plant.

Zevic’s stevia is the only ingeniously manufactured Stevia based natural zero-calorie sweetener in India. The manufacturing process is based on green technology that eliminates insincere processing and the inclusion of toxic additives. They contain erythritol, sugar alcohol, as a taste balancer. There are a number of brands in India that endorse themselves as producers of genuine Stevia-based sugar-free sweeteners, on the contrary,  most of them use fillers like dextrose, lactose, sucralose, etc which can cause adverse health complications such as glucose intolerance and metabolic disorders.

Zevic is India’s only brand that produces Stevia-based genuine sugar-free wonder chocolates without any toxic additives. 

Zevic’s Stevia is zero in carbs and does not moderate the insulin level in the body. All these qualities make it an appropriate choice for fitness and health-conscious, people with high blood sugar levels and hypertension. It is a must choice for people following the keto diet but also wishes to indulge in some guilt-free delights of sweetness.