Natural Sweeteners To The Rescue

Nature is saturated with such wonders which are devised in a way to sustain life on earth, proffering us the solution for our woes. Hence we can satisfy our sweet tooth without giving way to the health adversities resulting from the intake of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Natural sweeteners such as Stevia have created quite a buzz amongst the health and fitness enthusiasts and rightly so as it is linked with numerous health benefits.

There are a number of brands in India that endorse themselves as producers of genuine Stevia based sugar-free sweeteners, on the contrary, most of them use fillers like aspartame, dextrose, lactose, sucralose, xylitol, maltodextrin, etc which can cause adverse health complications such as glucose intolerance and metabolic disorders.

Zevic natural zero-calorie sweeteners are the only brand in India that use their unique green technology that does away with the extensive processing of sweeteners and the addition of unwanted toxins. House of Zevic assures high quality, agrarian, zero-calorie, Stevia based natural sweeteners. Zevic ensures that the raw materials are hand-picked from their site of origin and are extensively skeptical about what goes into their product.

Our sweeteners go through an intensive 6 stage process to ensure premium quality. The stevia leaves contain a sweet-tasting component known as steviol glycosides which are extracted from the dried stevia leaves. We ensure that the extracts are purified before going into the end product. Zevic’s stevia range includes Liquid Stevia, Stevia Tablets, Stevia Powder, and guilt-free chocolates sweetened with stevia. All these are up to 300 times sweeter than sugar sans the calories.

 Sugar-free sweeteners, from the house of  Zevic, contain erythritol, sugar alcohol, as a taste balancer to ensure the accurate measures of Stevia sweetness without the bitter aftertaste that tends to accompany Stevia.

Stevia from Zevic is a healthy alternative for artificial sweeteners because it is obtained from Natural Zero Calorie Stevia Plant and filled with antioxidants.

Zevic aims to make positive changes in the world of health and fitness that encourage our consumers to adopt a truly mindful lifestyle.