Common Misinformation About Stevia You Should Know

Zevic is all about promoting awareness among people about appropriate health choices and their long-term benefits. Hence we must discuss common misconceptions associated with food habits which will eventually broaden our perspectives and encourage us to know about food and nutrition constructively.

Misinformation is detrimental to the food industry. However, by being an informed consumer one can protect oneself from being deceived by such myths.

This article explicitly deals with some negative myths about stevia and demystifying them from the very core.

What is Stevia?
Stevia is a natural zero-calorie sweetener obtained from the Stevia Rebaudiana plant.

Stevia extracts are 200 times sweeter than sugar and loaded with natural antioxidants, vitamins A, B, and C, minerals like iron, zinc, and calcium,  essential electrolytes, and proteins.

Along with such benefits, Zevic’s Stevia is non-caloric, has durable thermal stability, not at all pH-sensitive, and can not be fermented.

 Misconceptions about Stevia

  • Stevia extracts are not natural:
    There are many articles on the internet that claim that stevia products are not natural because of the presence of stevia extracts. Zevic natural sweeteners are the only ingeniously manufactured Stevia based natural zero-calorie sweetener in India. The manufacturing process is based on green technology that eliminates insincere processing and the inclusion of toxic additives. Stevia leaves are grown through contractual farming across India where farmers are given guidance and instructions about farming methods in order to keep the processing as local as possible. Then these leaves run through various tests before being used in the final product to ensure it is completely natural and do not undergo vehement processing thus ensuring the product is authentic and as organic as possible. 
  • Stevia extracts have fillers:
    There are many brands in India that endorse themselves as producers of genuine Stevia based Sugarfree sweeteners, whereas most of them use fillers like aspartame, dextrose, lactose, sucralose, xylitol, maltodextrin, etc which can cause adverse health complications such as glucose intolerance and metabolic disorders.
    Zevic ensures that the raw materials are hand-picked from their site of origin and are extensively skeptical about what goes into their product. These  Sugar-free sweeteners contain erythritol, sugar alcohol, as a taste balancer to secure the proper measures of Stevia sweetness without the bitter aftertaste that tends to accompany Stevia.
  • Stevia is an unnatural sweetener:
    Stevia befalls under the category of Zero calorie natural sweeteners, not artificial sweeteners. Zevic’s stevia is derived from natural zero-calorie stevia plants. Thus it makes a good herbal replacement for processed sugar.

  • Stevia chocolates contain sugar: 
    Zevic is India’s only brand that produces Stevia-based genuine sugar-free wonder chocolates without any toxic additives. Unlike other compound chocolates that use hydrogenated vegetable fat, Zevic chocolates use 55-85% dark couverture chocolate. These chocolates come in a number of varieties such as  Belgian Couverture Chocolates with organic berries, Californian walnuts, Turkish hazelnuts stevia chocolate and Macadamia nuts with some unique creations to boast about such as Dark Belgian chocolate added with Himalayan Pink Salt and even Organic jaggery.
    At Zevic, we relentlessly strive to provide you with the best natural alternatives of sugar and artificial sweeteners so that you can indulge in your desired dessert without the liability of gaining extra calories.