6 Reasons To Be Addicted To Stevia Chocolates

More often than not many of us share a kind of a love-hate relationship with chocolates. We all have experienced our shares of struggles when it comes to giving up the consumption of chocolates as a necessary step towards a healthy body and maintaining the diet.

This popular belief has its root in regarding chocolates as the flagbearer of processed food filled with refined sugar, trans fat, fast carbs which can induce weight gain, spike the blood glucose level along with various other health complications.

Yes, some brands claim to produce sugar-free chocolates however according to the FDA 68% of food products contain added sweeteners even if they are labeled as healthy. These brands add various types of sugar alcohol and artificial sweeteners to deceive consumers into accepting their products as healthy and sugar-free alternatives by the virtue of using multiple other names of sugar.

Knowing all these tricks and dupes practiced by big capitalist brands Zevic decided to launch a host of products that will truly redefine the way health and fitness have been perceived. We relentlessly strive to put forward such issues that make a consumer conscious of what they are putting inside their body.

Hence Zevic chocolates abide by what they claim and in no way misleads customers by luring them in the name of healthier alternatives. We believe in ingredient transparent policy so that our customers can make a truly informed choice.

We are here to ignite the fire of sustainable environmental-friendly, natural unadulterated sweeteners and chocolates on the ground of honesty, consumer-centric approaches and truly ensuring that we deliver every product which is specially crafted with love and maintaining its purity in every bite.

Having said so, it is important to know what makes us different and the best alternative for all who wish to take a step forward towards a healthier lifestyle.

Here are 6 reasons that will totally make you get your hands on our sinfully sweet yet guilt-free chocolate range.

● 55-85% Dark Belgian Couverture Chocolate:
Zevic’s stevia-based sugar-free chocolates are 55-85% dark couverture chocolate made out of authentic Belgian Cocoa Butter thus it is guilt-free pure chocolate that you can indulge in without putting on any extra calories.

● Rich In Antioxidants:
Zevic’s Dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants and vital nutrients like magnesium and calcium which aid in increasing the quantity of good cholesterol like HDL that consequently improves insulin sensitivity and reduces the risks of heart ailments to a great extent if followed with proper lifestyle changes.

● Sweetened With Stevia:
Zevic is India’s only brand that produces Stevia-based genuine sugar-free wonder chocolates without any toxic additives. Stevia is a healthy alternative for sugar and the available artificial sweetener because it is obtained from Natural Zero Calorie Stevia Plant. Zevic chocolates are not heavily processed making them low in carbs. Hence they do not moderate the insulin level in the body.

 Ideal For Diabetics: 
Diabetics should avoid sugary desserts and candies as they are high on carb content. Carbohydrates are responsible for raising your blood sugar levels. While one can enjoy sugary foods when they have diabetes, it is important to do so in moderation and with some understanding of how it could impact your blood sugar. Diabetics should go for delicacies made out of zero-calorie Stevia based sweeteners. Zevic’s chocolates are organically sourced ensuring an unadulterated solution for your health. Besides these chocolates are keto-friendly and ideal for everyone who wants to adopt healthy food habits.

● Finest Quality Guilt-Free Chocolates:
Chocolates can be classified into two categories. One is couverture chocolate and the other is the compound chocolates. They differ in the production process and the constituents that are used while doing that. Couverture chocolates are manufactured with genuine cocoa butter and premium cacao beans thus they are of premium quality. Unlike them, the usual chocolates that are available in the market are mostly compound. They use hydrogenated fats which tastes good but it is not authentic chocolates. Moreover, these chocolates are sweetened by adding sugar to them. Zevic offers a wide range of premium, authentic guilt-free Belgian couverture chocolates such as Hazelnut stevia chocolate, sugar- free stevia jaggery chocolates, roasted coffee beans stevia chocolate.

● Empowering Consumers To Make The Right Choices: 
Zevic constantly strives for inventing natural alternatives and promotes awareness amongst all about the long term adverse effects of sugar and the guise of various companies in the name of healthy food. Our manufacturing process is based on green technology that eliminates the inclusion of toxic additives such as sucrose, lactose, etc. We aim to empower consumers to adopt the right health decisions without giving way to any health adversities. Enjoy the bliss of sweetness derived from nature without the guilt of calories.

Make conscious choices, be wiser, and live healthier!